can you explain whats going on at the bolshoi? thanks!

Nothing good.

Basically dancers have been pushed out, starting with Maria Alexandrova and most recently Dmitry Gudanov, Maria Allash, Nina Kaptsova, and Marianna Ryzhkina.  (Yes, Maria and Nina are still listed as principals, but if you go to their page it says “Dancing under contract”).  I do not include Antonicheva because it had been many years since she performed.  The worst for me with Gudanov, Ryzhkina, and Antonicheva is that there wasn’t even an announcement of their retirement.  They were just removed from the website.  

Then there are the repertoire choices that I personally dislike.  Most recently Vaziev decided to cancel the premiere of the new ballet “Nureyev” with absolutely zero warning to the dancers, they literally found out this morning and based on their Instagram posts were very surprised and upset by it.  Then they brought in weird contemporary pieces and highlighted those instead of the classics that the Bolshoi is known for.  Then they’re getting rid of the best Romeo and Juliet (Grigorovich) in favor of Ratmansky’s version (I despise Ratmansky, there is not a single ballet of his that I enjoy).  There are also rumors they want to get rid of other Grigorovich ballets including his Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.