tsiskaridze: Huge thanks to @_a.piacere_ on instagram for…


Huge thanks to @_a.piacere_ on instagram for sending me this video, in which Yuri Fateyev addresses the fact that Eleonora Sevenard chose the Bolshoi over the Mariinsky. I know that Fateyev is people’s favourite punching bag (second only to Tsiskaridze), but I’ve always felt that a lot of the criticism directed at him is unjust.

Fateyev: “I didn’t offer Eleonora Sevenard a position in the corps de ballet… [We were discussing] soloist opportunities and career growth… She called me and said that she’s decided in favour of the Bolshoi. 

Am I disappointed? Yes, I am. I consider Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Mariinsky Theatre to be a single unified organism when it comes to communication, succession and the training of new recruits. After all, this system was created all the way back in the Imperial times for this very reason: to train new dancers for the Imperial Theatre. I find this situation unsatisfactory, but we live in a free world and every person has the right to decide where they’d rather be.”