Ask Responses: Vaganova


Hi melmoth! Happy new year in advance 😀 anyway, regarding recent Vaganova graduates /students ie Ksenia Zhiganshina, Eleonara Sevenard, Alena kovaleva and Maria Khoreva, who do you think will be the primas of the future generation?

It’s really hard to tell… Unfortunately, talent and hard work are not always enough for a dancer to succeed and rise through the ranks. A lot depends on luck and the priorities of the artistic director of whichever company the graduates end up at. Tsiskaridze recently said that he has already seen very talented graduates (of his time: 2013 – 2017) underestimated, misused or altogether crushed.

In the case of Kovaleva, Vaziev seems to be taking the same approach he had with Somova years ago at the Mariinsky. I think he’s grooming her to become a prima. Sevenard also has a lot of support, so we’ll have to wait and see. I think Khoreva has what it takes to get to the top. Plus, she’s Professor Kovaleva’s student and, from what I’ve heard, Kovaleva looks after her own and helps them outside of the academy. I hope to see Maria as a Mariinsky prima one day. But only time will tell.

Hi. I love reading your blog! I know you’ve commented on Kristina Spiridonova before, but I just want to express again that I think she is one of the more under-rated students at the school. I’ve been a balletomane for decades and trained as well….I can see that she is an excellent performer and a character dancer par excellence. Even her exercises are dancing rather than just technique. Have you heard anything recent about her? I hope her talent is seen and recognized even more in the future.

I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time. She’s still at VBA and I think she participates in major performances as a corps dancer but that’s about it. 

Hi melmoth! Do you know if the “Maria Khoreva” mentioned in some YouTube rhythmic gymnastics’ videos such as “Хорева Мария 2000 г.р. Без предмета 2006 г.” or “Алые паруса 2010 (Маша Хорева бп.)” etc. is the same vba Masha Khoreva? If so,now I understand where her amazing extensions and feet come from! Moreover,I just wanted to say that I’m so happy for Masha’s latest spotlight, she’s a rising star and I hope she will become a Bolshoi or Mariinsky prima ballerina because that’s what she deserves!

It’s impossible to tell from the videos if it is her, but Maria did take rhythmic gymnastics before she got into VBA.

Do you know if Yana Cherepanova and Olya Morgulets are in the same class?

I think Olga is a year below Yana.

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