Ask Responses: Vaganova


Do you know why Minori Nakashima left vba?

Her traineeship was probably up. Foreign trainees’ time with VBA ranges anywhere from six months to several years, depending on circumstance and preference.

Do the realy admit 60 children into the first year? How many first year classes do they have? And how many grades are there? Do the children before VBA attend any other ballet classes that are supposed to prepare them for VBA or other academies?

It varies from year to year. I think around 70 children enroled in 2017. Overall, students spent eight years studying at the academy. Yes, it is very common for children to attend preparatory classes. Some would argue that one cannot get into VBA without these prep courses.

What character do you think Maria Khoreva suits best? Personally I would love to see her dance as Odette!

I’d like to see her as Odette too, though I’m not sure how she’ll fare as Odile. I think Giselle is also a great fit for her, as well as (eventually) Raymonda.

Thank you very much for the information about VBA’s graduation performance! Those totally make sense for me because I saw some rehearsal video of La Gioconda on Instagram last November, and have been wondering why. Then, I have a question. How long do VBA students usually prepare for performances? Since Nikolai’s took over, VBA students have seen like they are doing rehearsals all the time.

The drastic increase is professional practice has been one of the biggest changes under Tsiskaridze. Students perform all the time now, which means that they are also constantly rehearsing new parts. The way I see it, logistically, they need about a year to rehearse and prepare the graduation performance, which is one of their biggest showcases of the year, second only to “The Nutcracker”. Like you said, they were rehearsing “La Gioconda” in November and they were already performing “The Naiad and the Fisherman” ( “Undine”) in December so, yes, about a year.

Sooo… We can safely assume that Khiteeva, Savelieva, Bulanova and Spiridonova will be dancing the Pas-de Quatre. Maria Petukhova will probably be the lead in Naiad… And Maria Khoreva is likely to dance Paquita, like Elya Sevenard last year ?

Nothing is ever safe or certain when it comes to VBA casting.

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