Ask Responses: Vaganova


Just out of interest, I was wondering if you know how much the fees are/what kind of payment scheme operates for VBA? I know that the foreign trainees pay €15,000 for their tuition and living per year. I wonder whether the fee for Russian/CIS students corresponds with this or differs. Also, I read that at RBS now almost half of their students are on half/full scholarships and wonder if VBA has available scholarships/bursaries for talented students from less advantaged backgrounds?

Talented students from disadvantage backgrounds do receive some assistance and there are a lot of scholarships and subsidies available for local students. VBA is state-sponsored, after all. International trainees are less lucky; their training is a lot more expensive. You can read more about it here.

Do you know if the VBA students have to keep up with academics while they’re on tour?

I don’t know for sure, but I think they’d have to. The European / Asian tour was pretty long. It would be silly to let the kids go on these tours without, at least, a lot of homework. 

When did the Vaganova Academy start touring so much? Also unrelated, but I don’t understand why Vaganova/Bolshoi students would go to the Prix de Lausanne when the biggest part of that is getting a scholarship to go to an elite school and they already do?

Since Tsiskaridze took over. He wants the students to be stage-ready artists by the time they graduate. 

Prix de Lausanne offers a lot more than just the academic scholarships. The networking opportunity alone is worth so much! The Prix offers young dancers a chance to get noticed by companies and choreographers from all over the world. Not to mention that the prizes also include traineeship positions with the world’s most renowned companies.

hello, i would like to ask: how is the test to enter a ballet academy? what do you have to do, what do you have to say and etc? I’m just curious. Thanks!

There is an audition process. You can read more about it here.

Looks like Kuzmicheva is dancing Hebe in the awakening of Flora now (I assume filling in for Bulanova who was in Japan). I wonder if we will get any video or recording.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this tour was very-well recorded. Which is a shame. All we have, at this stage, are the photos and videos taken by the students themselves.

What are those very very short shorts some of the younger boys wear and until what grade do they wear them?

That’s just their uniform. The younger students tend to have more of their legs exposed so the teacher can see their muscles, etc. better. I think they wear them till around the 3rd grade.

Do you know if Polina Kudashova still studies at VBA?

Do you mean Polina Konogray? Unfortunately, she had to leave due to injury. She is now pursuing an academic career.

Is there any link/connection between Vaganova and the Kirov Academy of DC?

No, there isn’t. Unless you count Oscar Frame (Kirov and now VBA graduate).

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