So many people have such negative things to sa…

So many people have such negative things to say about Eleonora. I think it's quite disturbing that they form opinions based on nothing but social media and dance clips. Her actual dancing aside, what does she do on social media that portrays her as a bad person? She doesn't post excessively and she has healthy relationships outside of the theater.

She hasn’t done anything on social media to warrant this reaction. She’s always been incredibly reserved and composed in all of her public / media appearances. She presents herself to the world in a very careful and guarded way. Elya is not the problem.

I can understand it when people criticise her dancing – she can be hit and miss – however, she has only been with the company for a year and has been virtually overloaded with work. The fact that she’s risen to meet every challenge to the best of her abilities is commendable.

It’s easy to say that people’s reaction is governed be jealousy, but that’s a lazy explanation (however true it may be). I think Tsiskardze is partly to blame for this negative attitude (I’ve said many times before that he overexposed Elya in her last two years with the academy). Then there was the thing with Elya’s father deciding to claim that he’s descended from the Romanovs on the eve of Elya’s graduation (this drama played out on national television). Aaaaand then there was the whole “Mathilde” business (again, it was unfolding around the time of Elya’s graduation). I think people simply got sick of seeing Elya’s name pop up everywhere, though this was hardly her fault. 

On the other hand, I think there are people out there who don’t react well to seeing someone achieve so much success in such a short time with apparently little effort (the latter is obviously not true).

Elya is very beautiful and very young; she is from a good and very well-of family; she belongs to the Kshessinsky dynasty; she dances with the Bolshoi and is showered with roles and opportunities; she is dating a famous principal dancer and the two appear to be very much in love; Nikolai Tsiskaridze adores her and is very vocal about it. I could go on, but this list alone is enough to make (some) people very unhappy.

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