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the incredible Alina Cojocaru

Akram Khan’s Giselle

+ curtain call bonus

Ida Viikinkoski

Degas danse

Martin Bureau


Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn in Giselle (Royal Ballet)

I know that usually I’m all about notation this and notation that, but I absolutely adore what Nureyev did with La Bayadere’s Kingdom of the Shades and it’s the best and I love it and that’s all from me on this topic.

(Don’t get me wrong, I love Ratmansky’s speed and right angles almost as much. Because the whole scene looks so different and yet so right. Still would love to see it with the attitudes instead of arabesques, though…)


Paquita – Photo by Elena Bauer

Paris Opera Ballet in the most beautiful costumes ever!

Marianela Nunez

photo: Paola Kudacki

(for more pictures)

Romeo + Juliet aneb Víc otázek než odpovědí – Taneční aktuality:

My review of Matthew Bourne’s Romeo + Juliet aka the only review that is not over the moon about the production also known as the supposedly short one that ended up being 1500 word long, because of course it did!


sae eun park photographed performing in serge lifar’s variation (+ costume close ups) by agathe poupeney

Nikola Márová

Swan Lake

photo: Sergei Gherciu

Magdaléna Matějková, Jonáš Dolník

Beethoven’s 7th Symphony by Uwe Scholz

photo: Martin Divíšek