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More 2018 updates can be found here. A big thank you to the anons who keep sending in the updates!


Maria Khoreva 

The Three Odalisques – Le Corsiaire – 22 September (with Ionova and Nuykina)
Prince’s friends – Swan Lake – 30 September
Rose Adagio – Mariinsky’s tour in Japan – December


Elenora Sevenard 

Princess Soronkina  – Anna Karenina – 12 October
Piccilia / First variation in Grand Pas – Don Quixote – 22 September
Giselle’s friends – Giselle – 9, 10 October
Valtz / Spanish Bride – Swan Lake – 25, 26 September 

Alena Kovaleva

Odette/Odile – Swan Lake – September 25
Myrtha – Giselle – 10 October
Princess Soronkina – Anna Karenina – 13 October
Ballerina – Etudes – 29 September
The Leading Couple, Diamonds – Jewels – 16 October

Oscar Frame

Rubies / Emeralds – Jewels – 17, 30, 31 October

Egor Gerashchenko 

Von Rothbart – Swan Lake – 25 September
Couple in White – Forgotten Land – 29 September

Anamarija Markovic

Anamarija (class of 2018) has joined the Croatian National Theatre as First Soloist!


Hello! First of all – thank you!! For running this blog and the IG page, for sharing your knowledge with us and answering questions. I actually have a question to ask. I hope you don’t find me disrespectful, and feel free not to answer this if it’s against your principles of running this blog. 🙂 Do you know how Anamarija Marković is doing at VBA and do you have any thoughts about her and/or her dancing to share? She’s a foreign trainee, invited to attend VBA after Vaganova Grand Prix. Thanks!

You’re very welcome! I’m afraid I don’t know much about Anamarija, though I’ve been following her since Vaganova Prix. It appears she’s doing well, as she’s been taking part in most of VBA’s major productions. They wouldn’t have offered her a place after Vaganova Prix if they didn’t think she was impressive and would be a good fit for the academy. She also seems like a very positive person with a can-do attitude which, I’ve learned, can get you far.

Since Elya had a lot of overexposure at VBA, wouldn’t it be the same with Egor, since he was her partner at most performances? There seems to be a lot more controversy around Elya in comparison to Egor.

Well, Elya was the one who all the attention was focused on, not Egor. It was her name and face that kept popping up everywhere. And she’s female. Let’s be honest, attitudes to men and women (in ballet or otherwise) are very different. 

Elya is an attractive and successful girl from a well-off family, which means that she is automatically subject to extra scrutiny, jealousy and suspicion (in the ballet world, but also in general). Whenever a ballerina enjoys success similar to Elya’s, two questions are asked: who is she sleeping with and/or who is paying for her* (I’m not sure if this is strictly a Russian thing). In recent years I’ve seen these questions directed at Shakirova, Kovaleva, Potsnova, etc. Even Diana Vishneva was subjected to this filth.

I’m willing to bet anything that had Gerashchenko (or any other danseur) been at the centre of a similarly aggressive PR campaign, the backlash wouldn’t have been nearly as bad. Think of all the things Polunin gets away with… If a ballerina behaved like he does, not only would she have lost her job, she would’ve been crucified by the press and the public. 

*When I re-read my response I realised that this isn’t strictly true. Ballerinas aren’t the only ones who suffer. Danseurs are subjected to similar disgraceful treatment and questioning: Tsiskaridze was also accused of sleeping his way to premiership.

Do you know why it happens that talented graduates are being/have been swept under the carpet, as you mentioned?In addition to the case of Tatiana Osipova, there is also the one of Svetlana Strebko, a very talented Vaganova graduate, who also ended up being unnoticed (as some others, maybe).It just happens or is it due to a lack of charisma, or what? Can you get an idea about it?

The theatre’s management’s priorities plays a role, I suppose. That’s the response Diana Vishneva and Tsiskaridze gave in the past when asked a similar question. I tend to agree. 

Were there or are there any current or former VBA students that you thought were under-rated and deserved more recognition then they got?

Following on from the above question, I am personally very upset that Evgeny Kuznetsov (class of 2015) has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. After graduation her, along with Nika Tskvitariia, joined Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow. Nika left the company to join the Mariinsky a few years later but Kuznetsov disappeared entirely after languishing in the corps. This is a huge shame. He was one of the academy’s most promising male grads in recent years and one of Tsiskaridze’s favourites.

Do you happen to know which year Masha Khoreva’s little sister Sofya is in?

Sorry, no.

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