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Midsummer’s not necessarily ballet ask anyone?

Since I should be doing bunch of other stuff, let’s go down that road once again and open my ask to all of your questions.

Could be completely un-ballet related, but keep in mind I’ll turn pretty much anything into ballet related theme…


Which company’ version of The Nutcracker is your personal favorite?

For the ballet character ask: Kitri, Titania, …

For the ballet character ask: Kitri, Titania, Clara, Carmen, Lilac Fairy, Coppelia ?

Wow, this was the most difficult one yet! Partly because I can’t read properly and thought you wrote Tatiana instead of Titania… Not that it would change too much, but still. Learn how to read, girl, for god’s sake!

Push off a cliff – Clara
(This officially makes me an utterly horrible person, doesn’t it?)

Kiss – Lilac Fairy
(Always wanted to kiss a fairy.)

Marry – Titania
(Always wanted to marry a fairy…? And she’s their queen. And she has magic. And she’s from Shakespeare. My wife would be so much better than yours!)

Set on fire – Carmen
(I mean… she’s on fire despite anything I’d do?)

Wrap a Blanket around – Kitri
(Because wrap a blanket around a puppet Coppelia would be a bit idiotic.)

Be a Roommates with – Coppelia
(Because apparently be a roommates with said puppet is completely OK. But you know, she wouldn’t talk too much at least.)

Thank you for asking. And also sorry, I’m writing this on my phone, so it probably looks a right mess. Would try to make the paragraphs and editing behave while on my computer.

For the ballet character ask: Drosselmyer, Ode…

For the ballet character ask: Drosselmyer, Odette, Des Grix, Hillarion, Carabosse and Caradoc?

All right, first things first – I assume you meant Des Grieux from Manon, which is something I can probably work with, but who the hell is Caradoc? Only Caradoc I know is a knight from arthurian legends and as much as I am obsessed with them lately, I don’t think there’s a ballet inspired by any of them (which is a major shame, just so you know! I need a ballet about Arthur and Merlin! *punches in the round table* And the others, if you insist…)

*insert caradoc into google search like a proper scholar*

Right. He’s from Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. You are lucky I watched it just a few weeks ago (and, bloody hell, Matthew, what was it supposed to mean?! Vampires?! Seriously? I mean… Like for real?)

OK. Now to the actual thing, since I finally know what we are talking about.

  • Push off a cliffHilarion
    (Because I am already sick and tired of all those people constantly moaning like he’s a pure victim, like he was the one who truly loved Giselle, never did anything wrong and had to die and like it’s not fair and blah blah blah… So off a cliff with you, Hilarion! And honestly – you couldn’t expect any less from me, since I a) love Albert, and b) am a roommate with Myrtha…)
  • KissOdette
    (… … … Right. This is slowly becoming a problem!)
  • MarryDrosselmeyer
    (I’m sorry. Have you seen Nureyev’s version? Have you seen Nureyev’s fucking creepy version of the ultimate children’s christmas ballet where Clara’s dream prince is no one else than her mysterious, old, grayhaired sort of uncle with limp and one eye? Because oh yes, this is what I call a Christmas!)
  • Set on FireCaradoc
    (Sorry, boy, I don’t know much about you, apart from the fact you were Carabosse’s son… But I didn’t like you in MB’s production. You probably should have been the mysterious, dark, sexy bad boy. Nice try, but it did actually nothing to me. And you had awful hair. And just for that you deserve to die a painful death.)
  • Wrap a Blanket aroundDes Grieux
    (Just so you know I can actually be a nice person. And I genuinely think he needs all the comfort world could give him. And a blanket. Give him a blanket!)
  • Be Roommates withCarabosse
    (As long as she would not be the Carabosse from Bourne’s SB, cause I don’t think we would get along since I esentially burn her son just a few lines above.
    But when I hear Carabosse, I see Kristen fucking McNally from RB’s production and she is so gorgeous, the perspective of living with her as your roommate looks pretty attractive!
    And I think we would make a damn fine gang – Myrtha, herself and I. And Wolfgang. Because everybody needs a bit of Wolfgang.)

So that’s it. And thank you for your pick!

Siegfried, Odile, Manon, Gamzatti, Wolfgang/Ro…

Siegfried, Odile, Manon, Gamzatti, Wolfgang/Rothbard (POB of course), and Myrtha!

Oh. Dear. Lord!

It could actually get worse! (And you know exactly what I am talking about, you devil of a human being! How could you…)

(side note – OK. Update. It is not, in fact, that hard. But still. I see Wolfgang/Rothbart and I freak out. That’s just how it is. Physics.)

  • Push off a cliffGamzatti
    (Sorry. It has to be someone apparently. And since I’ve never quite undrestood this overdramatic exchange between her and Nikya, I decided to kill her, to prevent myself from… Well, thinking, really.
    But seriously – on paper, Gamzatti could be such an interesting character, full of controversies, never just black or white, but in every production I saw (and there weren’t that many, I admit) she had so little space to unfold herself into full potential. Not sure how much it is Petipa’s fault and how much one can blame ballet history and ballet masters changing this and cutting out that. But be as it is I still can’t get rid of this feeling, that the whole La Bayadere is trying to be this dramatic story (refering to the old romantic pieces, no doubt), but is in the end stupidly over complicated and lacks proper conclusion or catharsis or something.)
  • KissOdile
    (Oh… Well she was kind of… a leftover?) (Or maybe I just wanna kiss girls, you’ll never know.)
  • MarryWolfgang/Rothbart (and we all know the real name behind this is Karl, right?)
    (OK. I know what I said, but you can’t put Wolfgang into this twice and expect of me to resist again! I too am just a human!) (Or I was, last I checked…)
  • Set on FireManon!
    (And happily! Because there’s not a single thing I like about her, or a thing thanks to which I would be able to sympathize with her. And I know it’s a bit blind and plainly stupid, mainly because I am the one always saying like you have to read/watch/understand stories and characters in their time, from their social status and that you have to understand different circumstances, but… No. She was 16. Yeah. You may say she was naive. She doesn’t know much about world she was living in. Ha-bloody-ha. She knew perfectly well what she is doing. Did she think it through? Had she any idea what all of her actions could lead to? No. Am I more benevolent because of it? No. Does it make me even worse person than before? Most probably. Do I care? Have a guess.)
  • Wrap a Blanket around Siegfried
    (He is still my asperger’s baby, you cannot convince me otherwise.)
  • Be Roommates withMyrtha
    (*insert manic evil laugh*)

You know, normal person would just take the six names and put them in a somewhat correct order.

What is wrong with me?!

For the ask thingy: Odette, Albrecht, Wolfgang…

For the ask thingy: Odette, Albrecht, Wolfgang, Rothbart, Giselle, Siegfried.

All right. I have a problem.

Every single time I decide to do things like this I know deep down there’s a possibility (bordering certainty) I would very much not like the outcome and would very much like to punch myself square in the face. But I do it anyway. And with stupid, sheer naivety hope for the best.

And guess what? It never happens!

Like… isn’t this some kind of mental disorder?


(side note: while I was thinking and trying to sort this mess out I inevitably found out what a horrible, morally questionable (to say the least) person I am… Not that I didn’t know that before. But while you catch yourself thinking “would I rather set Giselle or Odette on fire…?” It kind of… put things into slightly new perspective.)

  • Push off a cliff Odette
    (Shush, it’s either this or fire! And this is actually not that bad. She’s partly a bird, she could simply, you know, fly away. Or be dead before she would hit the ground – and that’s a scientific fact.)
  • KissGiselle
    (Partly because I’m afraid I wouldn’t survive her beying my roommate for too long, even if she would be the pre-sovietic Giselle. And partly because… Why not?)
  • Marry Albert
    (So. I was so sure I’d choose Wolfgang. But then I started to think, which is always a bad idea, especially at 12.30 AM, but then again, when was the last time I wasn’t doing exactly this, and why am I acting so surprised, while it’s common knowledge I am at my most active around 3 AM, preferably with the perspective of getting up before 7 in the morning, cause that make sense, right… Err. Where was I? Oh, yes. Marrying Wolfgang. Well, I decided it would be quite incosiderate of me to marry someone, who may be a bit gay, so. Yeah. I may or may not be such a bad person after all. Or not.
    And I have always loved Albert. Always. I have always defended him and I still do. No matter what. And let me tell you – if you saw Akram Khan’s Giselle, defending him was hell of a job! So I think this just make sense. In a way… Sort of. A bit. I mean… I guess?)
  • Set on FireMyself. For letting the world do this to me! Rothbart
    (I wanted him to be the one pushed off a cliff, cause he would easily transform to an owl, but… Well not every Rothbart is Nureyev’s Rothbart, therefore not every Rothbart deserves to be saved.)
  • Wrap a Blanket aroundSiegfried!
    (Easy. No contest. I mean… How could you not? This lost, asperger’s boy deserves all the blanets in the world!)
    (What do you mean, that not every Siegfried is Nureyev’s Siegfried? What the hell are you talking about?!)
  • Be Roommates withWolfgang


That’s that.

… Sorry?

Give me 6 characters and I’ll tell you who i w…


  • Push off a cliff
  • Kiss
  • Marry
  • Set on Fire
  • Wrap a Blanket around
  • Be Roommates with

This is silly, I know, but… ballet edition, anyone?



Odette or Odile

I’d go for Odette. Partly because almost every ballerina always says Odile is much more interesting to dance (and a bit easier to portray). But well danced Odette is just a pure pleasure to watch.

And you have 2 acts as Odette instead of just one as Odile.

And I prefer the music for white swans, cause I’m sorry, but Drigo’s Black pas de deux (especially the coda) is killing me. Tchaikovsky’s original score was perfectly OK, why they had to changed it?!

Pick One: Ballet Questions


Ask me to pick one or the other! Interpret them any way you want.

  1. Bolshoi or Mariinsky? 
  2. Mikhail Baryshnikov or Rudolf Nureyev? 
  3. Royal Ballet or English National Ballet?
  4. Tutus or Ballerina skirts? 
  5. Ulyana Lopatkina or Svetlana Zakharova? 
  6. American Ballet Theatre or New York City Ballet? 
  7. Frederick Ashton or Kenneth Macmillan? 
  8. Steven McRae or Vadim Muntagirov?
  9. Swan Lake or The Sleeping Beauty
  10. Minkus or Tchaikovsky? 
  11. Act I or II of Giselle? 
  12. Marcelo Gomes or David Hallberg?
  13. Olesya Novikova or Ekaterina Osmolkina? 
  14. Maria Khoreva or Maria Bulanova? 
  15. Gaynor Mindens: yes or no? 
  16. Yuri Fateyev or Makhar Vaziev? 
  17. Emeralds or Rubies or Diamonds?
  18. Odette or Odile? 
  19. Sergei Polunin or Ivan Vasiliev? 
  20. Misty Copeland or Yulia Stepanova? 

What did you think of the Black Swan american …

What did you think of the Black Swan american film?

I liked it for what it is. A film. A fiction. And ballet world just give the story right atmosphere and add more mystery into it.
And seriously I was kind of tired of all the dancers moaning about how the REAL ballet world doesn’t work like this and that ballet dancers aren’t psychos and this and that… For god’s sake it is a film! A thriller. Not a documentary. Calm down.

But on the other hand – I understand their complaints. Ballet world and ballet life is sort of mystery for most of people. So while spectators are able to tell that, for example doctors in real world don’t work like in let’s say House MD, because they have some experiences with real world hospitals, they mostly do not have the same knowledge on ballet world, therefore they might think Black swan is a relevant source for it… Or something.

For myself I quite like the film, there was some real dancing by real dancers which is more than one could ask for and I believe there would be more than one person who took interest in ballet based on watching Black swan, so it’s cool right?