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Anastasia Stashkevich and Ivan Vasiliev in The Nutcracker (Bolshoi Ballet)

Svetlana Zakharova in Raymonda (Bolshoi Ballet)

The Bright Stream (Bolshoi Ballet, 2019)

Daria Khokhlova as the Neapolitan Bride in Swan Lake (Bolshoi Ballet)

Svetlana Zakharova as Queen Mekhmene Banu in The Legend of Love (Bolshoi Ballet)

Vyacheslav Lopatin as Pechorin in A Hero of Our Time (Bolshoi Ballet)

I don't agree with the fact you singled out Obratzova for posting stories in a Church when Vinogradovna has posted stories of her and Vasiliev in a park along with Angelina Vlashinets and some kids; Stanislava Postnova posted videos of a shooting with another dancer just yesterday and other bolshoi dancers like Pudikova post stories/pics of them going running in places where there are other people or just going for a walk. Elya also posted videos of Denis doing some steps for online class pt1

pt2 Denis was using the bar of the playground as a dance bar and he had no gloves on. It might have been a private playground just for their condo, who knows,it could or could not.However its odd among all these famous people with a considerable amount of followers on SM you only singled out the christian one. I want to be clear, Obratsova should stay home and so the others but for me the problem is that Russians have not understood the danger. When sadly people will start to die they will.

I think my article struck a cord with you because you’re Christian and you feel that I’m singling someone out because of their faith. I promise, I’m not. Faith, prayer and introspection are more important now than ever. I feel bad that people can’t (shouldn’t) gather in churches right now. I know that for many it is very important. But we also need common sense and we need to follow the rules because, as you’ve rightly said, people will die if we don’t.

I single Obraztsova out because her behaviour is particularly irresponsible, not because she is Christian. I believe all the dancers you named are Christian, though they may not be as devout as Evgenia, but none of them are:

  • Gathering indoors with a large number of people for an extended period of time
  • Disregarding directions from head of state and head of church 
  • Claiming that a church is a place free from the risk of COVID-19 and essentially encouraging people to assemble

You’re right, Obraztsova isn’t the only one not self-isolating properly, but from my perspective what she’s doing is especially dangerous. 

This story came on the heels of another instance of extremely dangerous behaviour displayed by worshippers in a church in St Petersburg. There is a pattern of behaviour here and I wanted to reflect that in the article. 

d i s c l a i m e r

Isabelle Ciaravola and Yuri Smekalov in
Onegin (Paris Opera Ballet/Bolshoi Ballet, 2013)

Yekaterina Shipulina as Undine, Vyacheslav Lopatin as Old Woman, Artem Ovcharenko as Pechorin, and Georgy Gusev as Blind Boy in A Hero of Our Time (Bolshoi Ballet)

Daria Khokhlova as Zina, and Ivan Vasiliev as Pyotr, in The Bright Stream (Bolshoi Ballet)