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In 2018, my childhood dream came true when I was promoted to Principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet. I left my home town to begin training at the Beijing Dance Academy when I was 11 years old, then moved away even further to continue pursuing my dream in the US, first at The Rock School, then as a trainee with San Francisco Ballet. Since that time, this company has become my family and my home. Please consider donating to San Francisco Ballet so we can continue giving back to our community on and off stage as soon as it is safe.
Thank you for supporting San Francisco Ballet! – WanTing Zhao principal ballerina at the San Francisco Ballet.

Alessandra James – Knight Theater, Charlotte

When I think of art and dance, I think of community, nourishment for the soul, the importance of togetherness, and the connectivity of all human beings. Dance is beautiful story telling to whisk you away from your everyday life only to bring you back emoting, energized and engaged.

Through this pandemic I’ve seen how courageous artists near and far have been with their creativity. The dance community has begun to adapt in how we connect to our audiences. As incredible and inspiring as this change has been, we miss feeling our audience, our community right before our eyes, their energy fueling us for the performance. I miss being on stage, telling a story or offering up the freedom for the audience to interpret their own. This engagement in my own community is how I can help overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has brought. Over the past 50 years Charlotte Ballet has become one of the city’s most cherished arts organizations, and through it all we have demonstrated our resilience. Please consider donating to Charlotte Ballet’s Resilience Fund to keep us dreaming and inspiring for another 50 years. – Alessandra James ballerina with the Charlotte Ballet

Katie Boren – Paris, France

I’ve never missed anything as much as I miss dancing right now.. being in a studio, moving to masterfully played music, pushing myself past exhaustion just about every day. This crisis has taken so many things away from us that we love.. but it’s temporary. We will overcome this, stronger and more united than ever before. We are so looking forward to the day when we can bring our art back to life on the stage for you. Institutions like American Ballet Theatre have suffered tremendously due to COVID-19, yet we remain #AloneButTogether. If able, please consider contributing to the ABT Crisis Relief Fund:  This fund provides much needed help to dancers, ballet masters, pianists, and crew. – Katie Boren ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre.

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake with the original cast

Remy Young – Upper West Side, New York City

As Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” The misfortune that this pandemic has created is unparalleled. Once we reach the other side, the necessity to permeate our world with art will be vital to healing our collective brokenness. Art unites, inspires, empowers— we cannot do these things alone. The purpose of a dancer is to share stories with an audience; we dance FOR the audience. I think everyone is experiencing some hardship in not feeling the presence of a community. This is what I am most looking forward to once we conquer this virus: bringing people together and sharing with them something beautiful. Arts institutions like American Ballet Theatre have suffered tremendously due to COVID-19, but even in this time, we remain #AloneButTogether. If you, too, are excitedly anticipating the return of America’s National Ballet Company to the stage, please consider contributing to the ABT Crisis Relief Fund
It will help keep dancers like myself, crew, pianists, and ballet masters on our feet (and toes!).

Xin Ying – Fort Tilden Beach, Queens

I came to NYC from China in 2010 to follow my dream of learning modern dance. I arrived as an international student who didn’t speak much English, learned Graham technique and worked my way up to become a principal dancer of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Living your dream as an artist is not easy, especially in a city like New York. We often rely on a small or inconsistent source of income to pay rent and living expenses. On top of that, international artists use a lot of their earnings to pay legal/visa fees to have the opportunity to work in the U.S. It is almost impossible. Despite the challenges, we pursue this dream with passion. As long as there’s a stage, we will be there. It’s what we live for.
Due to COVID-19, all our shows this contract year have been cancelled. Without a job, our dancers are in a very difficult situation. If you appreciate our artistry, have loved watching us dance, or hope to see dance one day in the future, please help us by making a donation to our relief fund. Your money will help our dancers get through this challenging period, so when the time is right, we can get back on stage and do what we love for you. In the meantime, we’ve taken the studio and stage online, please check out our GoFundMe link to see a full schedule of Graham classes, and special virtual events. No contribution is too big or too small. We greatly appreciate your generosity and support and look forward to dancing for you again soon!! – Xin Ying principal dancer at the Martha Graham  Dance Company

Eleven (Mark Morris Dance Group, 2019

Astrid Elbo – Fort Lee Historic Park, New Jersey

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