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Hi Melmoth! I was wondering, is there any news regarding Oscar Frame’s legal troubles? I really hope he’s doing ok.

I’m confused about Oscar Frame’s situation. The news story you quoted said he had a serious injury 6 months ago which would have been around Oct 2018; but he danced as one of James friends in La Sylphide in Nov.? Since news broke there’s little follow-up. Hoping it works out for him; he had a lot of interest on social media. Heart- broken over this.

Not sure how much this would help (and do not get me wrong, I want this to be over as much as you do), but according to a recent UK Telegraph article that Tumblr refuses to let me link here, Oscar was released on bail but cannot leave Moscow…

These are just some of the questions / comments I have received about Oscar’s situation. There are others too. In a way, it’s heartening to see that people care about what will happen to Oscar and hope that he will come out of this ok.

There are no news, I’m afraid. Oscar was released on bail soon after being detained but that’s all we know for now.

He, or whoever has access to his account, periodically comes online on Instagram but doesn’t respond to messages. Not that I was expecting him to respond. I just sent him a message because I wanted to show support in some way. If I hear anything I will let you know. I hope he pulls through this in one piece. …Tsiskaridze ins’t in the habit of abandoning his own.

d i s c l a i m e r 

Svetlana Zakharova as Carmen, and Denis Rodkin as José, in Carmen Suite (Bolshoi Ballet)

Denis Rodkin in Frank Bridge Variations (Bolshoi Ballet)


Anna Nikulina and Denis Rodkin in “The Legend of Love”, Bolshoi Ballet

Photo © Alexander Khrolenko

Denis Rodkin and Yulia Stepanova in Macbeth (Bolshoi Ballet, 2015)

Denis Rodkin and Svetlana Zakharova in Francesca da Rimini (Bolshoi Ballet, 2018)

Svetlana Zakharova and Denis Rodkin in The Legend of Love (Bolshoi Ballet, 2014)

Anna Nikulina as Shireen, and Denis Rodkin as Ferkhad, in The Legend of Love (Bolshoi Ballet, 2014)


Denis Rodkin on meeting, and falling in love with, Eleonora Sevenard.

Excerpts from a recent interview.

In past interviews you’ve said that you have only ever been in love twice… You are now in a relationship with Eleonora Sevenard, a charming twenty-year-old ballerina from St Petersburg. Is this the third love in your life?

By and large, this is my first. In the past, I was only attracted to beauty and didn’t care much about substance. I tended to go for the fickle ones. With Elya, everything is different. The passion I feel is so incandescent that I no longer remember anything that came before. 

How did you two meet?

During a New Year’s eve tour in Greece, my partner couldn’t make it to the performance, and Eleonora had to replace her. We didn’t know each other at that point, thought I had seen her dance and knew how refined, elegant, educated and unlike anyone else she was. A girl from a good family. My impressions of her were confirmed when we met. Elya even exceeded my expectations. I was astounded by her kindness and thoughtfulness. I suffered a pretty bad sprain during a performance, my leg swelled up, but I had to continue on tour. Had I been alone, I would have gone mad. Of course, partners always support each other morally, but I was completely engulfed by this young woman’s care and attention. Elya tried to take my mind off things by engaging me in interesting conversations, and at some point I realised that I had completely forgotten about my leg, and all my anxiety had faded away without a trace. Naturally, I missed her once we were apart, and did everything I could so we would be together.

How did you woo her?

It was romantic.

You will soon be celebrating your one-year anniversary. What have you discovered about her during this time?

Elya is wise beyond her years. I can feel how much she values me, though she never asks for anything. She is a good friend who will always there for you. I know that I can trust her like I trust myself. Most importantly – I want to come back to her. I have never experienced this feeling before. I never used to long for home when I was on tour, but now I miss her. I think that Elya is the perfect life partner. I am happy that I found “my person”. And she fit into my family with such ease… My mom likes this girl very much (smiles). I hope that Elya and I can be together both at home and on stage. We already have one shared project: “Anna Karenina”.

Eleonora graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy and is now a dancer with the Bolshoi’d corps de ballet, is that right?

Yes, but I am certain that with her talent and brains she will not stay there for long. She is going to go far.

She is burdened with the legacy of Mathilde Kschessinska…

Elya has the right attitude: she doesn’t brag about her ancestry, and she’s determined to earn her position. This gives her a great incentive to progress, and I intend to help her. 

Photos by Darian Volkova.

t r a n s l a t e d  b y   m e l m o t h

Denis Rodkin as Ferkhad in The Legend of Love (Bolshoi Ballet, 2014)