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Hi Melmoth! I recently came up with a video of the 3 shades of la bayadere in which Daria Ionova’s variation (first shade) was cut off; the YT Channel owner commented that it wasn’t good enough to be posted; do you have this clip? was it really not good? I think it was her debut. Thanks!!

Unfortunately, no, I don’t. However, if the uploader decided not to share the variation online because it’s not very good, I think it’s a good and kind decision. People can get very nasty very quickly.

@euphoricandephemeral Hi Melmoth, I was wondering if you have any knowledge on Svetlana Zakharova. Ive been following her and watching her since i was really young. I had plans to go to Russia and hopefully see her preform but many things happened as life does at times so i havent been able to go. I hope i can go next summer but who knows. Do you know when she will retire or what plans she has for her career. I’d be crushed if she retires before i can see her preform Thanks in advance 🙂

That’s a million dollar question: when will Zakharova retire? No one knows at this stage and I don’t think she’s spoken about her post-retirement plans a great deal. I think she’ll keep dancing for some time, but will slowly move from classical into contemporary. I hope you’ll get to see her perform live!

Misha debuted as Friends to the Prince in SL earlier this season but hasn’t gotten much more. Juusela also debuted something similar at the beginning but I don’t quite remember what. I know Juusela does corps stuff but I haven’t a clue what Barkidjija is up to. Horowitz hasn’t done much either.

…and no they’re all in quarantine. This situation is really messing with dancers. By the way, I recently heard that Barkidjija is injured. So that answers that question.

Egor Gerashchenko married! He is so young, can’t believe! What do you think of his development as a dancer? He’s been assigned main roles lately. I would like to know your opinion

I wrote about marriage in Russia here. By Russian “standards”, they’re right on  schedule to get married, so not too young. Oksana used to date Denis Rodkin. The ballet world is so small, I imagine most people dated each other 😅. If I’m brutally honest, I don’t think Egor is ready for the roles he’s getting. I wish he would’ve taken more time and care to prepare these parts. His Crassus wasn’t good. 

d i s c l a i m e r

Hey there was a documentary about Denis Rodkin released a while back. Did it reveal any interesting info about him?

I don’t think so. I think that everything mentioned it it was pretty well-known. Of course this depends on how much you know about Denis…

The only thing that was new and surprising to me is that Tsiskaridze doesn’t like Denis as Spartacus. He doesn’t think that it’s his type of role, even though he helped Denis prepare for it. I saw Denis dance the part live and I thought he was great, so that was news to me…

d i s c l a i m e r

Anastasia Denisova

as Phrygia, and Denis Rodkin as Spartacus, in Spartacus (Bolshoi Ballet, 2019)

I don't agree with the fact you singled out Obratzova for posting stories in a Church when Vinogradovna has posted stories of her and Vasiliev in a park along with Angelina Vlashinets and some kids; Stanislava Postnova posted videos of a shooting with another dancer just yesterday and other bolshoi dancers like Pudikova post stories/pics of them going running in places where there are other people or just going for a walk. Elya also posted videos of Denis doing some steps for online class pt1

pt2 Denis was using the bar of the playground as a dance bar and he had no gloves on. It might have been a private playground just for their condo, who knows,it could or could not.However its odd among all these famous people with a considerable amount of followers on SM you only singled out the christian one. I want to be clear, Obratsova should stay home and so the others but for me the problem is that Russians have not understood the danger. When sadly people will start to die they will.

I think my article struck a cord with you because you’re Christian and you feel that I’m singling someone out because of their faith. I promise, I’m not. Faith, prayer and introspection are more important now than ever. I feel bad that people can’t (shouldn’t) gather in churches right now. I know that for many it is very important. But we also need common sense and we need to follow the rules because, as you’ve rightly said, people will die if we don’t.

I single Obraztsova out because her behaviour is particularly irresponsible, not because she is Christian. I believe all the dancers you named are Christian, though they may not be as devout as Evgenia, but none of them are:

  • Gathering indoors with a large number of people for an extended period of time
  • Disregarding directions from head of state and head of church 
  • Claiming that a church is a place free from the risk of COVID-19 and essentially encouraging people to assemble

You’re right, Obraztsova isn’t the only one not self-isolating properly, but from my perspective what she’s doing is especially dangerous. 

This story came on the heels of another instance of extremely dangerous behaviour displayed by worshippers in a church in St Petersburg. There is a pattern of behaviour here and I wanted to reflect that in the article. 

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Bolshoi’s “Swan Lake” – Svetlana Zakharova, Denis Rodkin, Artemy Belyakov.

Bolshoi’s “Sleeping Beauty” – Svetlana Zakharova, David Hallber, Maria Allash.

Mariinsky Theatre program

The Mariinsky Theatre has prepared a unique programme to mark World Theatre Day. Each day from 26 to 29 March will be broadcasting dazzling performances and glittering gala concerts: the grand opening of the Mariinsky-II featuring Anna Netrebko, Plácido Domingo, Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina and many other stars, the oratorio Ivan the Terrible with Alexei Petrenko and the symphonic tale Peter and the Wolf with Konstantin Khabensky as the respective Narrators, a performance by Alexandre Kantorow accompanied by the Mariinsky Orchestra and Valery Gergiev and the ballet Konyok-Gorbunok (The Little Humpbacked Horse) with Alina Somova and Vladimir Shklyarov.

I’m putting together a list of online resources for ballet lovers. If you can think of any other links that should be on here, please let me know!

Ballet classes and exercises:

Watch ballet at home

Ballet Blogs


Hi Melmoth! I was wondering, is there any news regarding Oscar Frame’s legal troubles? I really hope he’s doing ok.

I’m confused about Oscar Frame’s situation. The news story you quoted said he had a serious injury 6 months ago which would have been around Oct 2018; but he danced as one of James friends in La Sylphide in Nov.? Since news broke there’s little follow-up. Hoping it works out for him; he had a lot of interest on social media. Heart- broken over this.

Not sure how much this would help (and do not get me wrong, I want this to be over as much as you do), but according to a recent UK Telegraph article that Tumblr refuses to let me link here, Oscar was released on bail but cannot leave Moscow…

These are just some of the questions / comments I have received about Oscar’s situation. There are others too. In a way, it’s heartening to see that people care about what will happen to Oscar and hope that he will come out of this ok.

There are no news, I’m afraid. Oscar was released on bail soon after being detained but that’s all we know for now.

He, or whoever has access to his account, periodically comes online on Instagram but doesn’t respond to messages. Not that I was expecting him to respond. I just sent him a message because I wanted to show support in some way. If I hear anything I will let you know. I hope he pulls through this in one piece. …Tsiskaridze ins’t in the habit of abandoning his own.

d i s c l a i m e r 

Svetlana Zakharova as Carmen, and Denis Rodkin as José, in Carmen Suite (Bolshoi Ballet)

Denis Rodkin in Frank Bridge Variations (Bolshoi Ballet)


Anna Nikulina and Denis Rodkin in “The Legend of Love”, Bolshoi Ballet

Photo © Alexander Khrolenko