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Dorothée Gilbert



Dorothée Gilbert, Léonore Baulac

Onéguine rehearsal

phoro: Julien Benhamou

POB étoiles and premier danseurs for Le Grand Gala 2019

photo: James Bort

Dorothée Gilbert

In the night backstage


Dorothée Gilbert, Karl Paquette, Josua Hoffalt


photo: Sébastien Mathé

POB dancers behind the scenes


+ my favourite, obviously

Dorothée Gilbert, Mathieu Ganio

Le lac des cygnes

photo: Jahier Laurent

Marianne Garnier on Instagram: “Souvenirs d’un lac des cygnes inoubliable avec @dorotheegilbert et @humarchand qui, grâce à leurs immenses talents et leur alchimie…”:

All right.

I am obsessed with the end of Nureyev’s Swan Lake.

And I am very much determined to watch every single fucking cast in this scene.

Here with Hugo Marchand and Thomas Docquir.

some of POB Odettes/Odiles

Le lac des cygnes

photo: Isabelle Aubert

Dorothée Gilbert

Le lac des cygnes

photo: Julien Benhamou