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Dorothée Gilbert, Mathieu Ganio

Giselle rehearsal

Dorothée Gilbert


photo: Svetlana Loboff

Le Lac des Cygnes – Park/Ganio/Quer (8 mars) – Ballet&Cie:

I most probably read it back in march, but please let me scream about this once again, because god, yes, yes, yes and once again HELL YES to everything written here!

About Mathieu, about his partnership with Sae (and other ballerinas), about Jérémy’s Wolfgang/Rothbart, about the whole performance.

Ludmila Pagliero


photo: Svetlana Loboff

Mathieu Ganio


photo: Sébastien Mathé

My dear @spinmelikeyoumeanit, this one’s for you.

Happy holidays!

(photo: Aurélien Nobécourt-Arras)


It’s December 19, which means it’s time to whip up some memes to celebrate Monsieur Karl “Indestructible Human Being” Paquette’s birthday! 

The names of the characters and productions will be under the cut. 

Afficher davantage


Can’t decide between Who doesnt? a *laughs hysterically*

Also @spinmelikeyoumeanit from top of my head – FANCY FREE!!! Then Dance as a gathering, Mahler’s 3rd symphony by Neumeier (I hope it’s the 3rd one), Balanchine’s Midsummer night’s dream and Palais de cristal, Etudes and last act of last year’s Cinderella. There’s also a short video of him as Armand with Isabelle Ciaravola somewhere on youtube, sadly no Onegin, which is a crime, let’s be real… But I think at least Fancy free is very meme worthy!

Documentary on Paris Opera Ballet

including baby Laura Hecquet, Mathilde Froustey, Charlotte Ranson, Vincent Chaillet

Agnes Letestu, José Martinez and Paris Opera Ballet dancers

Les Joyaux – Diamants

photo: Icare