Category: giselle

Amber Scott and Ty King-Wall in Giselle (The Australian Ballet)

Lusymay Di Stefano and Claudio Coviello in

Giselle (La Scala Ballet, 2014)

Francesca Hayward as Giselle and Alexander Campbell as Albrecht

in Giselle (Royal Ballet, 2018)

Tigran Mkrtchyan in
Giselle (Boston Ballet)

Ty King-Wall as Albrecht in Giselle (The Australian Ballet)

Altynai Asylmuratova in Giselle (Mariinsky Ballet)

Philipp Stepin as Albrecht in Giselle (Mariinsky Ballet)

Sharni Spencer rehearsing Giselle (The Australian Ballet, 2018)

Nadezhda Batoeva as Giselle in Giselle (Mariinsky Ballet)

Tyson Clark in Giselle (Boston Ballet II)