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Bianca Scudamore, Karl Paquette


photo: Hidemi Seto for Dance Magazine

Sae Eun Park, Karl Paquette

Le lac des cygnes

Photo: Isabelle Aubert

Karl Paquette

Cendrillon – le producteur

photo: ?

Isabelle Ciaravola, Karl Paquette

Le lac des cygnes (with Karl making it quite weird with his Albert costume)

Karl Paquette

Ivan le terrible

aka Karl and his epic hair being especially epic in the role of Kurbsky

Karl Paquette during his concours

baby Karl Paquette

That’s it. That’s the post.

Karl Paquette (with Clairemarie Osta as Gamzatti, not sure about his Nikya here)

La Bayadere

photo: ?

Sae Eun Park, Karl Paquette

Gala d’étoiles rehearsal

photo: Isabelle Aubert


Me? Having a preference? It’s more likely than you think. 

(No offense to Francois Alu; his Rothbart is phenomenal, but my stubborn brain latched onto Karl’s Rothbart three years ago and refused to let go since.)

Dear @spinmelikeyoumeanit, please do not ever change!