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VBA Grad updates


More 2018 updates can be found here. A big thank you to the anons who keep sending in the updates!


Maria Khoreva 

The Three Odalisques – Le Corsiaire – 22 September (with Ionova and Nuykina)
Prince’s friends – Swan Lake – 30 September
Rose Adagio – Mariinsky’s tour in Japan – December


Elenora Sevenard 

Princess Soronkina  – Anna Karenina – 12 October
Piccilia / First variation in Grand Pas – Don Quixote – 22 September
Giselle’s friends – Giselle – 9, 10 October
Valtz / Spanish Bride – Swan Lake – 25, 26 September 

Alena Kovaleva

Odette/Odile – Swan Lake – September 25
Myrtha – Giselle – 10 October
Princess Soronkina – Anna Karenina – 13 October
Ballerina – Etudes – 29 September
The Leading Couple, Diamonds – Jewels – 16 October

Oscar Frame

Rubies / Emeralds – Jewels – 17, 30, 31 October

Egor Gerashchenko 

Von Rothbart – Swan Lake – 25 September
Couple in White – Forgotten Land – 29 September

Anamarija Markovic

Anamarija (class of 2018) has joined the Croatian National Theatre as First Soloist!

tsiskaridze: A few months ago, Nika Tskvitarii…


A few months ago, Nika Tskvitariia married Mariinsky coryphee and fellow Vaganova Ballet Academy graduate, Vitaly Amelishko! They make an adorable couple! I’m very happy for them and I wish them the absolute best!

Photos by Mariinsky dancer Ramanbek Beishenaliev.

Alexei Tyutyunnik and Andrei Yermakov in Kseni…

Alexei Tyutyunnik and Andrei Yermakov in Ksenia Zvereva’s Second I (Mariinsky Ballet, 2015)

Raymonda (Mariinsky Ballet, 2016)

Raymonda (Mariinsky Ballet, 2016)

The Bronze Horseman (Mariinsky Ballet)

The Bronze Horseman (Mariinsky Ballet)

Alina Krasovskaya as Estrella, and Dmitri Pyka…

Alina Krasovskaya as Estrella, and Dmitri Pykachov as Florestan, in Le Carnaval (Mariinsky Ballet)

Daria Pavlenko and Konstantin Zverev in In the…

Daria Pavlenko and Konstantin Zverev in In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated (Mariinsky Ballet)

tsiskaridze: My latest Q&A is up at melmot…


My latest Q&A is up at

Ervin Zagidullin graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy in July, having trained under Fethon Miozzi, and has since joined the crème de la crème of St Petersburg ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre’s corps de ballet. During his academic career, Ervin made something of a splash at several major ballet competitions. Most notably, he won third place at the 2016 Vaganova-PRIX and made it into the finals of this year’s Prix de Lausanne. Ervin’s key to success? Hard work and an unrelentingly positive attitude!

Photos by Anastasia Livun.

Sylvia (Mariinsky Ballet, 2016)

Sylvia (Mariinsky Ballet, 2016)

The major difference in my opinion is preparat…

The major difference in my opinion is preparation before shows.  Of course, my experience in the Royal was only in the corps de ballet so I can’t give a complete comparison with how the leading dancers there work; but here, if a piece is already in your rep, you will have three days – though sometimes four or five if the schedule allows – to put it back together with your partner, whether a new partner or one you’ve already danced with, before the show.

Also, unless it’s a new production, we almost never rehearse with the corps de ballet; we just meet them on stage for the show.  I found this very hard at first, particularly in ballets like Swan Lake when in Act 1 it’s all interaction with the corps; although in that instance I did have a short rehearsal with the corps on the day of my debut.  Now I’ve actually got used to this to such an extent that I don’t mind it and find it keeps things fresh!