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Vaganova Ballet Academy graduate, Maria Bulanova (class of Professor Lyudmila Kovaleva, 2018), has been promoted to Second Soloist at the Mariinsky.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me about this. ❤️ 


So many people, including prominent dancers, have already addressed Lara Spencer’s comment about Prince George taking (and loving) ballet classes on Good Morning America.

I have only one thing to add: this is what toxic masculinity (spread by a woman, no less!) looks like. And it’s incredibly damaging. Stop it.


Thiago Soares, Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet: 

“Just want to share my support to all boys around the world that do ballet or would like to become a professional dancer or even just dance for the fun of it, since it shapes your body, teaches you discipline and engage you in a great form of art.
For those who don’t know my journey, I must say that I had a magic one so far through ballet. I’ve made a career in London at the Royal Ballet and have been working in other theatres around the world meeting some incredible people and colleagues. Through ballet I had the opportunity to build a life for myself since my first dance steps long time ago in Brazil.
I’ve met presidents, governors, ambassadors and leaders that kindly recognized me, my art and my commitment to ballet.
This is a picture of when I met Prince Charles at the Royal Palace in UK, visiting with the Royal Ballet.
Art has no gender and it’s well past time for TV shows and its presenters such @goodmorningamerica and @lara.spencer to recognize that. Shame on you.
And cheers to the Royal Family for giving Prince George the chance to study ballet and be in contact with so many forms of art and support him.
Boys in ballet🎉👊🏼🙏🏻" 


Shale Wagman (a prodigy and the future of ballet): 

“For me ballet is one of the truest forms of expression. I experienced bullying growing up as a male dancer in North America but I always held my head up high with pride due to the constant support of my parents. People dedicate their whole lives to this art form. It takes strength, passion, drive, intelligence, focus, soul, resilience etc. and that should be appreciated. Ballet is such an exquisite art form full of depth and true means of human communication. I hope us dancers can spread the meaning/ love of dance with the world so that everyone could experience the feeling of what dance gives the soul.
Prince George and all young dancers, keep on doing what you love and you can change the world." 

Maria Khoreva, First Soloist with the Mariinsky: 

“Oh my God just seeing this now…
@goodmorningamerica @lara.spencer 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭made me cry…………
My partners are EVERYTHING for me I can’t even it hurts so much to hear this attitude! Who’d be supporting us on stage if it was not for them? Who’d be dancing so beautiful and strong if it was not for our FANTASTIC male ballet dancers?????? ❤️ And also ballet is life for so many people… Why shaming this beautiful art form… I may be biased in this but I genuinely believe ballet is something wonderful!!! Sending my biggest hugs to all the ballet dancers and ballet lovers out there!!! We’re a huuuuge family and we love each other, right? 🙏🏻😭 “

d i s c l a i m e r


Maria Shirinkina rehearsing Giselle.


Vaganova Ballet Academy’s graduate (class of 2018) Maria Bulanova’s debut as Medora in “Le Corsaire”. Photos by Galina Nikolskaya.

Kimin Kim and Maria Khoreva rehearsing The Nutcracker (Mariinsky Ballet, 2019)

Kimin Kim and Maria Khoreva rehearsing The Nutcracker (Mariinsky Ballet, 2019)

I always demand little pas de bourrées and a catlike transition, liquidity.  I think the swan flies precisely like that –  slowly.  I want to achieve gentle transitions, without sharp movements, so that everything has the proper plasticity.

Svetlana Ivanova and Konstantin Zverev in Concerto DSCH (Mariinsky Ballet)

Before Ms. Kondaurova performed other renditions of the ballet, the Mariinsky’s ending [of Swan Lake] made sense.  ‘But when I danced in other versions, I began to think the tragic finale was closer to me,’ she said.  ‘Because this is not a Disney fairy tale where everything works out well. Someone has to be punished for these deceived emotions.’

For Ms. Kondaurova, Odette is a girl, not a bird; her most important quality is her sadness.  ‘After all, this is not her first day as an enchanted girl, and she is probably in despair at the thought of ever finding some way out of this existence,’ she said.  ‘She understands that she herself can’t escape these confines.  When she meets the prince, I believe she sees a glimmer of hope.  We don’t know if he is the first such to have approached her, but that hope springs up, even though at the start of the act she is hesitant to trust him.  I think that in the character there is always a hint of tragedy and anxiety, even when everything is O.K.‘

The Nutcracker (Mariinsky Ballet, 2010)