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baby Mathieu GanioLe lac des cygnesphoto: Mau…

baby Mathieu Ganio

Le lac des cygnes

Mauricio Petrone

20yo Mathieu Ganio

20yo Mathieu Ganio

Ivan le Terrible

photo: ?

Mathieu Ganio

Mathieu Ganio


photo: Ann Ray

Mathieu Ganio being ridiculously perfect in hi…

Mathieu Ganio being ridiculously perfect in his 2nd Act La Belle au Bois Dormant variation.

Now please do excuse me, I’m just gonna go sit in the corner and cry a bit.

Dorothée Gilbert, Mathieu Ganio

Dorothée Gilbert, Mathieu Ganio

Daphnis et Choé

photo: Laurent Philippe

Mathieu Ganio

Mathieu Ganio

L’apres-midi d’un faune rehearsal

photo: James Bort

(Mathieu is going to dance L’apres midi d’…

Mathieu is going to dance Nijinski’s L’apres- …






Mathieu GanioClaire de lunephoto: Angela Kase

Mathieu Ganio

Claire de lune

photo: Angela Kase

Mathieu Ganio as Albrecht in Giselle (Paris Op…

Mathieu Ganio as Albrecht in Giselle (Paris Opera Ballet, 2013)

balletroyale:Mathieu Ganio in Swan Lake (Paris…


Mathieu Ganio in Swan Lake (Paris Opera Ballet)

If something’s gonna kill me, it would be those arabesques of his…

For the ballet ask, No. 23?

For the ballet ask, No. 23?

If you could create a company of five female and five male principal dancers, who would you chose?

Well, that’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Because you can’t very well just name your five favourite ballerinas and male dancers, because the 10 people should kind of match and be able to actually work together…

Like I love Karl Paquette and Edward Watson. But for all that is holy I cannot imagine ONE piece, that they could dance together. Or maybe…


Oh, whatever!

Let’s say:

Alina Cojocaru, Francesca Hayward, Olga Smirnova, Agnes Letestu (don’t give a flying fuck she’s retired) and Nikola Márová (feeling a bit patriotic today).

And for men – Karl Paquette, Edward Watson, Johan Kobborg (same as Agnes), probably Hugo Marchand (still haven’t seen him in any big role, so this is purely based on the feeling I have, that he could do great with his career) and Mathieu Ganio (because I still pretend like he’s not THE first on this list. And on any list. Ever.)

This is not POB centred at all. (Just realized there’s no (active) POB female étoile. Weird…)