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Romeo + Juliet aneb Víc otázek než odpovědí – Taneční aktuality:

My review of Matthew Bourne’s Romeo + Juliet aka the only review that is not over the moon about the production also known as the supposedly short one that ended up being 1500 word long, because of course it did!

Giselle Akrama Khana – syrovější než obvykle | OperaPlus:

The over 2000 words review, anyone?

(poor google translate will have a fit!)

Rozštěp osobnosti, Aspergerův syndrom a schizofrenie aneb Princův freudovský pád v přímém přenosu | OperaPlus:

Finally online.

aka your sneak peek of POB Swan Lake for which you will need google translate and even then it won’t make any sense at all!

Buďte bez obav, pane, bude mě nenávidět: Dáma s kaméliemi na jevišti pařížské Opery | OperaPlus:

THE review on La Dame.

Consider this as a Christmas present of sorts.

Especially to those of you, who cannot speak Czech.

So the editor just send me an e-mail about the thing I wrote on La dame aux camélias saying “Stop doing this to me, writing reviews so meaningful and deeply felt!” and I may be crying a bit right now?

Oněgin – Ten, který byl lepší nežli jiní:

Since I’ve shared Giselle (super bad translation to something that looks like English language… for about 5 seconds) and Swan lake (equally bad translation, my language skills are clearly not improving), I have to shamelessly share this years’ Onegin.

Because it’s Onegin. And because there are some pretty pictures included.

And some quoting from Pushkin, since I couldn’t help myself (not even trying).

I’m not super happy with it, there’s still too much I wanted to say but wasn’t able to fit it in there (the review is already like 1,5 pages longer than it should be, hello editors!). But whatever.

And no, I won’t be translating this any time soon. Because then my head would literally explode. And it’s not something you want, right?