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Yulia Makhalina and Xander Parish in
Le Spectre de la Rose (Mariinsky Ballet, 2017)

Yulia Makhalina as Aegina in Spartacus (Mariinsky Ballet)


Nika Tsikhvataria and Vitaly Amelishko left Mariinsky and are now in, of all places, Samara.


Why tho?

I honestly find this very surprising, but, on the other hand, good on them for following their hearts!

By the way, in case anyone is interested, they moved to Samara because Yuri Burlaka is apparantly based there and both Nika and Vitaly wanted to work with him. Last summer they were given an opportunity to join the company as soloists and they agreed.

Hi! Do you know what is the relation between the Kirov academy in Washington, DC and the actual Mariinsky from St Petersburg? If there is any relation at all

There isn’t really a relationship between the two institutions. Russians are very insistent on keeping all talent “in house”, so all the company-academy connections exist only within the county.

Do you see any chances for Osmolkina to still get promoted to prima?

I think only a Mariinsky insider can answer that. And I’m not a Mariinsky insider. I think that Mariinsky will promote a new prima soon, they are kind of overdue with top rank promotions, but I have no idea who it will be.

Could Ionova, Bulanova or Nuykina be promoted at the end of this season?

Somehow I doubt it. There are only so many places in the ranks outside of corps. But, like I said above, only a true Mariinsky insider can answer that questions with any degree of certainty. 

Do you know why Lopatkina, Vishneva… are still listed as principals on the Mariinsky website? Also, why don’t they just promote a new bunch of dancers like Novikova to principal?

You’re not the only one asking this question. I wonder about it myself. While Vishneva still dances at the Mariinsky (once in a blue moon), Lopatkina and Makhalina have well and truly retired. There may be a legal reason for keeping their names up there; I don’t know how the contracts work or when they expire (Daria Pavlenko stayed up there for years after retiring). On the other hand, I can see why the Mariinsky may not be willing to remove the names from their website. Over the past two decades, “Lopatkina” and “Makhalina” have become synonymous with the Mariinsky and Russian ballet as a whole. They are a brand in their own right. It must be hard to let something like that go.

d i s c l a i m e r 

Yulia Makhalina performing The Dying Swan (Mariinsky Ballet, 2014)

Yulia Makhalina as Nikiya in La Bayadère (Mariinsky Ballet)

Yulia Makhalina in The Rite of Spring (Mariinsky Ballet)


Yulia Makhalina as the Dying Swan (Mariinsky Ballet, 2014)


Yulia Makhalina as Odette in Swan Lake (Mariinsky Ballet)

Yulia Makhalina as Zobeide in Scheherazade (Mariinsky Ballet)

Yulia Makhalina as Odile in Swan Lake (Mariinsky Ballet, 2003)